2021 Re|focus Sustainability & Innovation Awards
Celebrating Our Industry Innovators

We believe that sustainable plastics manufacturing should seek to drive value creation for society, the environment, and the industry, while reducing impacts on natural resources, minimizing waste generation, and developing renewable energy options—all of which reduce greenhouse gas impacts. 

The 2021 Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards program is designed to recognize the companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation across the globe—driving environmental advances in product design, sustainable materials, and end-of-life recovery of plastics. 

The 2021 Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards application has closed. 


  • Design
  • Materials
  • End of Life 


  • Design for Recycling
  • Design for Anti-Litter
  • Innovation in Equipment Allowing for New Product Design 


  • Innovation in or Use of Bioplastics
  • Innovation in or Use of Recycled Content
  • Additives for Upcycling

End of Life

  • Innovation in Recycling
  • Innovation in Recycling or Composting Equipment

Winners in each category will be selected in April and announced mid-May.

In addition to the three defined award categories, two additional awards will be announced during the ceremony. 

The Leadership Innovation Award: The winner of this award will be determined by the judging panel. 

The People's Choice Award: All nominations for the Sustainability Innovation Awards qualify to be a part of the People's Choice Award contest. All proposals will be shared online and the nominee with the most votes will win a special trophy. 


A panel of judges composed of authoritative sources in plastics manufacturing, materials, and recycling who are qualified to determine what truly represents the state-of-the-art innovation will select one award winner for each of the three categories. Each submission will be graded on the following criteria: 

  • Innovation: How novel is the idea being proposed?
  • Environmental Impact: What is the environmental benefit? If this can be quantified (CO2 savings, water reduction, energy reduction, etc.), this should be included in the submission.  
  • Market Impact: How scalable is this innovation? What is the potential market impact if it were to reach commercialization? 


The 2021 Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards application has closed. Click below to see this year's nominees. 

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