Francisco Cruz

Co-Founder & CEO

Francisco is co-founder and CEO of Atando Cabos, a company focused on ending the contamination of discarded fishing and marine farming gear from the coasts and fjords of Patagonia.  He’s implemented a circular economy model that has created social, environmental and economic impact.

Francisco is always looking to blend impact, purpose and value creation in his activities.  Prior to Atando Cabos, he was CEO in a plastics housewares retail company.  Over his direction, the first successful and profitable circular economy initiative in the retail industry was accomplished.  His project was recognized with several environmental and sustainable awards, leading the company to be acquired by an investment firm.

He became the Innovation Director at Comberplast and holds three patents.

Today he’s fully devoted to share the vision of Atando Cabos.  Expanding operations to North America and Europe, he’s actively building partnerships with leading companies across the whole plastic value chain.

Francisco is an Industrial and Hydraulic Engineer with a Masters Degree in Design and an MBA.  He also serves on the board of Coaniquem Burned Child Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on treating burnt children across Latin-America.