Matt Seaholm

Vice President, Government Affairs

Matt Seaholm is the Vice President of Government Affairs where he oversees the association’s legislative or regulatory activities.

Prior to becoming the Vice President of Government Affairs, Matt served as Executive Director for the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance, a self-funded division of the Plastics Industry Association made up of companies committed to policies that promote and protect the plastic retail bag industry.  Matt led their advocacy efforts to promote sustainable use and prevent the regulation and taxation of the industry’s products.

Before joining ARPBA, Matt was Vice President of Public Affairs at Edelman, having helped clients navigate federal, state and local policy fights. He has an extensive background in issue advocacy, government affairs, and grassroots organization. He is also a veteran campaign manager with experience running campaigns on the legislative, congressional, statewide, and national levels. Matt is a native of Wisconsin and proud alum of the University of Wisconsin.